This video shows our Pedal Power Stage in action at Melo Velo 2014
Our P.A. and the bands amplifiers are pedal powered by seven bikes

Pedal Power Stage for Live Music

Our audio equipment is all industry standard so that our pedal power stage offers the same volume and sound quality as 'on-grid' equivalents.

Our sound technicians and crew are the experienced professionals you need to manage a stage at you event.

Helpful CRB checked staff are always on-hand to supervise the bikes and engage the public with the activity.

Standard Stage Package Contents Include:

Mains: 2 x JBL PRX 635, each rated at 1500 watts
Subs: 2 x JBL PRX 618s XLF, each rated at 1000 watts
Stage Monitors: 2 x JBL PRX 612m, each rated at 1200 watts
Mixing Desk: Soundcraft
Microphones: Shure, AKG, Beyer Dynamic
Mic Stands: Beyer Dynamic
Turntables: Audio Technica AT-LP120
DJ Mixer: Pioneer DJM250
Standard AC power points on stage for performers gear
Resident DJ playing positive music with life & integrity

Sound Technician
Stage Manager
Resident DJ playing positive music with life & integrity

7 x 'Fender Blender Pro' Generator Bikes
Giant LED Pedal-0-Meter and wattage display to monitor the cyclists output
All-weather shelter
Transportation of equipment and staff
Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessment & Method Statement